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Due to Myfightbook's structure, we have obtained an easier and more manageable overview of fighters' current and previous injuries, thus provide greater security for the contestants.

Claus Louring, Doctor

About MyFightBook

A terrific tool that gives a complete overview
across associations, clubs and combat sports. is the first digital online license and is designed to support transparancy and a worldwide cooperation across combat sports and associations.

Myfightbook connects members, fighters and fans on a single social platform.

All data are gathered in a single place and the benefits for everybody are evident.

Myfightbook is the result of a joint venture between two stakeholders the first one being leading players within the combat sports world with decades of experience in the sports, both nationally and internationally. The second stakeholder is Processio, an IT company with an extensive experience in developing IT platforms and -systems for both public and private organisations.

MyFightbook�s administration module provides information for the national associations about all members registered on

When members register a profile on they get acces to all basic functions on the website, easily accessible from both pc and mobile units. All members can order a license from national associations through The price for a license is determined locally by the national associations.

MyFightbook provides access to members, clubs and associations thus creating value for all those interested in combat sports.